Archival Finds: Hand-Held Video Game Emulators

The Internet Archive has a collection of handheld game emulators. As someone who spent a lot of time as an early teen riding in cars with my parents, I have fond memories of these devices. Specifically Double Dragon. I was delighted when I stumbled upon this collection (and spent a little time testing my abilities—I’m a little rusty). It takes some time to get used to the keyboard, and I couldn’t get the Speak & Spell (the artifact I was researching) to work how I wanted it to. But you can open the game in full screen, giving you a clearer picture than the original.

This is part of a larger effort to build emulators of video games. To date, they have over 1,000 games emulated here.

Donky Kong emulated.

Donky Kong emulated.

Elizabeth Russell